Scenario Mission 15 - Into The Dawn Skies

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Units used:

Units used (Mobile Suit Chronicles - Quest 4):

Skill Parts used:

  • None.

Items used:

  • Cyclops.

Random Reward(s):


  • Phase 2: The phase will advance onto the next one after 60 seconds has expired. In this phase, there isn't much to do here beside gathering the team in a corner. You don't have to worry about the Freedom Gundam because it is really tough to die from the bosses' attacks.

Explanation (Mobile Suit Chronicle - Quest 4):

  • Launcher Strike Gundam which is useful at the first 2 phases, but fall shorts on the last phase because of the bosses' Trans-Phase Armor and its low defense, so you should consider going after Forbidden Gundam as well, but you can tag along with another player and go after Raider Gundam to make sure you can always knock it down when it try to do the strong attack.

Let's go into the mission's parts:

  • Phase 1: Sword Strike Gundam will do most of the work here by chasing any enemy and take as many out as possible. Be careful of getting melee'd by the enemies though because you would want to save up HP as much as possible before you fight the bosses.

  • Phase 2: The team will gather in a corner as usual and let time passes until the phase is cleared. You are free to take out any enemy that comes close to your spot though.

  • Phase 3: Have a few Cyclops or Dummies in handy in case things turn out wrong. Anyway, just go for the bosses while dropping a Cyclops every so often when the other enemies start showing up in one spot.
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